• 1.1. under control
  • 1.2. shades of grey
  • 1.3. perfect person
  • 1.4. point of view
  • 1.5. can't have love
  • 1.6. are you gonna be there
  • 1.7. manon of the spring
  • 1.8. what went wrong
  • 1.9. the great unknown
  • 1.10. back to the dark
  • 1.11. green street
  • 1.12. run out of time

mystic braves

the great unknown

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Über diesen Artikel

Mystic Braves' fourth studio album, made entirely at Lolipop HQ with producer Kyle Mullarky (Allah-Las, The Growlers, The Abigails). A new step for the band sonically, a more mature sound sparking from their jangly 60's psychedelic pop roots, the band is the type of nostalgic revivalist that put their own nuanced spin on a classically groovy genre. There's both an intense and relaxed vibe inherent in their music, and the energy is absolutely radiating on this new one.