• 1.1. to crawl inside
  • 1.2. downer surrounded by uppers
  • 1.3. knelt
  • 1.4. nobody wants to party with us
  • 1.5. m.b.o.t.w.o.
  • 1.6. you took everything
  • 1.7. self-surgery
  • 1.8. mrs. piss
09. Oktober 2020

mrs. piss

self-surgery -ltd. red & black splatter vinyl-


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Über diesen Artikel

Mrs. Piss is a new collaboration between Chelsea Wolfe and Jess Gowrie . Drawing on their collective rock, metal, and industrial influences, the project began while the two were touring around together during Wolfe's Hiss Spun album in 2017. The result is their debut album Self-Surgery, which was recorded at The Dock Studio in Sacramento, CA and in Wolfe's home studio, The Canyon. These songs feel more urgent and visceral than anything either of them has created before: heaviness spurred on by punk spirit. Chelsea Wolfe (vocals, guitar): "Working on this project brought Jess and I so much closer as songwriters and production partners, after reuniting as friends and bandmates. It was freeing and fun to channel some wild energies that I don't typically ... mehr lesen