29. September 2017

mommy long legs

rock product

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Über diesen Artikel

* The Seattle-based punk queens 3rd EP, hot off the coat tails of Life Rips * First time on vinyl! The reigning queens of Seattle sing-along basement punk, Mommy Long Legs, just put out their ripping-est EP yet. That's a feat, considering their first record was straight-up titled Life Rips. So what changed? Rock Product is still classic Mommy Long Legs-the barfcore four-piece's tunes are still built on summery, surfed-out riffs and some of the most fun lyrics in town (one line in lead track "Diva Night" simply goes "69!/420!/69!/Six-ty-niiiiiine!"). The difference here is in the recording and production-Rock Product is the hardest-hitting, most brilliantly blown-out the band has sounded so far, a shift courtesy of Seattle's DIY punk producer ... mehr lesen