• 1.1. my mojo starts workin'now
  • 1.2. it's such a shame
  • 1.3. kiss me when i'm cold
  • 1.4. my evil eye on you
  • 1.5. sould dealings on the railway pt.1
  • 1.6. bad mojo stomp
  • 1.7. the letter
  • 1.8. how long babe?
  • 1.9. the story that i tell
  • 1.10. she's no good
  • 1.11. swing for a bad day
  • 1.12. don't shoot me please
  • 1.13. please think about me
  • 1.14. soul dealings on the railway pt.2
  • 1.15. wrong devil blues
  • 1.16. rag for a sad day
04. März 2011
Genre: Garage


a sweet mama gonna hoodoo me

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Über diesen Artikel

Hiding in the night-shrouded lagoons of Venice, the MOJOMATICS, in person MojoMatt (voc, guitar, harp) and DavMatic (drums, percussion), take up your love with taut sails and undeniable spirit of youth. This is a TWO piece jack-off-all-trades lineup and they hit the shit big time. Thru the damn cool SHAKE YOUR ASS label we got their debut 45 "Devil got my women" earlier this year which shook the ground here. Limited to a mere 300 copies it already made it to few great reviews and ravings. Here is "a sweet mama gonna hoodoo me" - sixteen swampy blues encrusted punk tunes with a lot of rootsy pop harmonies and rambling_country-esque edges. The whole slop was produced on their own, not in their garage but Matt_s own analog recording studio, so we got a ... mehr lesen