• 1.1. everloving
  • 1.2. natural blues - feat gregory porter & amythyst kiah
  • 1.3. go
  • 1.4. porcelain - feat jim james
  • 1.5. extreme ways
  • 1.6. heroes feat. mindy jones
  • 1.7. god moving over the face of the waters - feat víkingur olafsson
  • 1.8. why does my heart feel so bad? - feat deitrick haddon & apollo jane
  • 1.9. the lonely night - feat kris kristofferson & mark lanegan
  • 1.10. we are all made of stars
  • 1.11. lift me up
  • 1.12. the great escape feat nataly dawn, alice skye & luna li
  • 1.13. almost home feat novo amor, mindy jones & darlingside
  • 1.14. the last day - feat skylar grey & darlingside
28. Mai 2021
Genre: Indie


reprise (grey vinyl)


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Über diesen Artikel

Moby's eclectic career has cast him in the roles of electronic dance music pioneer, singer and songwriter, producer, activist, and restaurateur, but for his latest venture he presents his music in a whole new light. Together with Deutsche Grammophon, he is releasing an album of some of his best known tracks in stunning new arrangements for classical instruments - featuring Moby himself and a stellar lineup of collaborators from across the musical spectrum. Though it was as a creator of dance music that he found fame in the 1990s, Moby's music has never been easy to pigeonhole - his 1999 smash hit album Play, for instance, drew heavily on samples from Alan Lomax's archive of field recordings. On this newly announced album, to be released on 26 March ... mehr lesen