14. Juni 2013
Genre: Indie


night flight | exit the loop

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Über diesen Artikel

Sometimes the best bands are just out in the world - waiting for you to discover them. Mirrorism formed nary a year ago in Ferrara, Italy & posted up some songs from their self-released cassette onto a message board late last year. The band's TiM debut snags two tunes from that blast of hot air & slaps 'em onto wax - where they belong! In their own words, Mirrorism are: "a philosophical, artistic and political movement based on chaos, disunity, multiple personality disorder and the refusal to make sense of any kind of artistic output." One gets a very real sense of the chaos lurking beneath these jagged stabs of post-punk fury - "Night Flight" kicks of the A-side with a rhythmic ticking of the drums, perhaps a warning of the musical time bomb about ... mehr lesen