• 1.1. my baby's gone viral on the brain
  • 1.2. nikes & nando's
  • 1.3. brixton hill revisited
  • 1.4. the loman blues
11. Mai 2018
Genre: Indie

milk kan

the glitch county ep

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Über diesen Artikel

The glitch country or drill blues sound incorporates the dark noise-scapes of witch house alongside the screwed beats of trap and the distorted bass from the emerging SoundCloud rap scene. The fusion of sparse beats and dark synths are layered against lap steel guitar and country chord progressions. Slowed tempos and drum patterns take influence from the Chicago hip hop drill music genre, blending pitched vocals and distorted bass lines with rapid snare rolls and country slide steel guitar. 'Genius' Tom Robinson 6 Music. 'Milk Kan you rule' Steve Lamacq.