• 1.1. salt water flush
  • 1.2. write between the lines
  • 1.3. on malaise
  • 1.4. schmaltz
  • 1.5. hope
  • 1.6. comfort on demand
  • 1.7. pollyanna
  • 1.8. 225
  • 1.9. simon says
  • 1.10. begging the question
04. Juni 2021


on malaise


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Über diesen Artikel

First pressing on Opaque Bone Color Vinyl, limited to 500 copies. Balancing beauty and anger, hope and despair, tension and release, Finnish trio messier's exhilarating debut, `On Malaise,' is an explosive mix of indie rock, alt-pop, and classic punk energy fueled by instantly memorable hooks and airtight vocal harmonies. The trio's songs walk a tightrope between gritty aggression and delicate sensitivity, tackling disappointment and disillusionment with sharp insight and sardonic wit, and their performances are similarly bold and unpredictable, oscillating between moments of raucous chaos and reflective tranquility. Though messier_singer/guitarist Lauri Huumonen, bassist Antti Orajärvi, and drummer Kristian Jokilahti_hails from Helsinki, the roots ... mehr lesen