• 1.1. sleep!
  • 1.2. dreams and nightmares (dreams)
  • 1.3. turn over!
  • 1.4. sigh
  • 1.5. dream and nightmares (nightmares)
  • 1.6. introducing the myth (including) the unpleasant spell
12. Juni 2015
Genre: Rock


from books and dreams (schwarz)


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Über diesen Artikel

Gatefold, 180 g, black vinyl including a download code. MESSAGE are similar in sound to NEKTAR though slightly heavier, darker, jazzier and rawer. Originally born as a German-British band, the music of MESSAGE oscillates between a substantial heavy rock and psychedelic rock. "From Books And Dreams" was recorded under the direction of the famous musical engineer Dieter Dierks, who recorded many "Krautrock" Bands between '69 and '75 (Nektar, Amon Düül, Tangerine Dream, Guru Guru etc.). The result sounds very melodic, with a ravishing and an accomplished lyrical sense of composition. Message are delivering impressive, extended, mainly instrumental heavy/ space rock tracks which can be compared (in some parts) to NEKTAR's first effort.