• 1.1. what's inside?
  • 1.2. cut
  • 1.3. last night i met the devil
  • 1.4. no weight
  • 1.5. restless nights
  • 1.6. i started a fire
  • 1.7. bound for the blues
  • 1.8. smoke on the plain
  • 1.9. sidewalk

mccann, james

bound for the blues


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Über diesen Artikel

Based in Melbourne, the Dirty Skirt Band is lead by one of the founding members of the australian well-known Drones: James McCann. "Bound For The Blues" is the fourth James McCann's album ("Where I Was Then" Torn & Frayed Rds, "Last Night I Met The Devil" Bang! Rds, "Sweet Casualty" Torn & Frayed/Shock Rds) and it's his rawest and loudest one. The nine tracks are simply nine pure golden pearls of perfect songwriting that can sometimes remind The Drones, The Scientists or The Stooges. The songs are all intense and even the coolest ballads explode into the most sonic and wildest fuzzy wha-wha swamp rock you ever heard. "Bound For The Blues" is a masterpiece. http://www.myspace.com/jjmccann