• 1.1. dark window
  • 1.2. call me
  • 1.3. j.z.o.k.
  • 1.4. keep on dying
  • 1.5. how i love you
  • 1.6. i've tortured you long enough
  • 1.7. new work
  • 1.8. the goad
  • 1.9. big window

mass gothic

i've tortured you long enough

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Über diesen Artikel

I've Tortured You Long Enough is the tongue-in-cheek title of Mass Gothic's second album. Husband/wife duo Noel Heroux and Jessica Zambri have always dipped in and out of each other's creative spaces, advising on their respective outputs and supporting one another. But, until this record, they had never completely committed to doing an entire album as a duo, sharing an equal load. The result is a record packed with the tension, chaos and beauty of a fluid and cathartic two-way conversation. In a universe that increasingly threatens our abilities to communicate and coexist, their creative union isn't just inspired but important. When Heroux put out Mass Gothic's 2016 debut, following the end of his prior band, Hooray for Earth, he did so as a solo ... mehr lesen