• 1.1. ode to louis thomas hardin
  • 1.2. the dump pickers of rainham
  • 1.3. erasrev
  • 1.4. no real men
  • 1.5. 70
  • 1.6. alone in my bones
  • 1.7. go fuck your mediocrity
  • 1.8. it's all become hysterical
  • 1.9. the spectacular nowhere
  • 1.10. from madam hilda soarez
  • 1.11. le probleme de charbon
  • 1.12. triplets
  • 1.13. the neutering of stanley
08. Mai 2015


the spectacular nowhere

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Über diesen Artikel

Ici d'ailleurs is proud to present the second instalment of the Mind Travels collection with a radical new studio album from Manyfingers - "The Spectacular Nowhere". Bristol born Chris Cole, has been with the label since 2005, having contributed on several albums notably with Matt Elliott as well as The Dark, by Third Eye Foundation, and as a member of the all-star band, Numbers Not Names, whose first opus What's The Price? was one of 2012's most striking hip-hop records. Back after an ten year hiatus, with this third album under the moniker Manyfingers, The Spectacular Nowhere is clearly the product of several years hard work - the result, an innovative and diverse album unconfined by genre. The depth and scope of the album reveals an eclectic style ... mehr lesen