• 1.1. nursing damage junkies
  • 1.2. you can't save anyone
  • 1.3. i'm sorry but i'm not
  • 1.4. homeicide
  • 1.5. baby killer
  • 1.6. shelter
  • 1.7. ghost town
  • 1.8. poltergush
  • 1.9. the sweeping of a moment
  • 1.10. lucid madmen
  • 1.11. ashes are what's left
16. April 2016
Genre: Indie

lunch, lydia & marc hurtado

my lover the killer

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Über diesen Artikel

ReRelease of RSD 2016 doubble LP! "My Lover The Killer" is the latest collaboration between Lydia Lunch and Marc Hurtado. They first worked together on the 'Sexodrone' track of the Etant Donnés's album "Re-Up" in 1999. Featuring Terry Edwards (Gallon Drunk), Ian White (Gallon Drunk), Mark Cunningham, We Are Birds of Paradise, David Lackner. "My Lover The Killer" is a collaborative project with Marc Hurtado. What began as a loose musical concept in the summer of 2012 became a prophecy written in blood by November of the same year. "My Lover The Killer" is a late night noir confessional. Sinister, sexy and mysterious, the music slithers, erupts and caresses the seductive vocals as they relay twisted tales rife with innuendo, promises and threats. The ... mehr lesen