• 1.1. bondi's dead
  • 1.2. glory rats
  • 1.3. so it goes
  • 1.4. run run run
  • 1.5. ravesh
  • 1.6. all the young men
  • 1.7. on off on off
  • 1.8. cursed by numbers
  • 1.9. shades of love
  • 1.10. treehouses
20. Januar 2017
Genre: Indie

lower plenty

sister sister

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Über diesen Artikel

Lower Plenty are comprised of some of Australia's most talented musicians. The quartet are typically Australian in that they seem to exist on borrowed members, drawing together musicians responsible for bands like Total Control, The UV Race, Deaf Wish, The Focus and Dick Diver. Unlike the harsh and direct approach of many of these outfits, Lower Plenty take the circular route, preferring to dwell in isolation and self-reflection, the result being some truly astonishing home recordings. Lower Plenty is: Daniel Twomey (percussion), Jensen Tjhung (guitar + vocal), Sarah Heyward (percussion + vocal) and Al Montfort (guitar + vocal).