• 1.1. the pitts
  • 1.2. lad life
  • 1.3. 92
  • 1.4. rave slave
  • 1.5. rbb
  • 1.6. lust forevermore
  • 1.7. glamour
  • 1.8. gabbertron
  • 1.9. warrior
  • 1.10. crash
29. März 2019
Label: ALTER

low life

downer edn

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Über diesen Artikel

Arriving with an aura of anticipation, 'Downer Edn' (read: Edition) feels like a collective document of the band's timeline since their unforgettable debut `Dogging'. Recorded over two years and mixed in 2018 by Mikey Young (Total Control / Eddy Current Suppression Ring), `Downer Edn' sees the core trio of Mitch Tolman, Cristian O'Sullivan and Greg Alfaro expand their ranks to a five piece. Dizzy Daldal and Yuta Matsumura of Oily Boys & Orion were brought in to reinforce the thick wall of guitars, freeing Tolman up as a dedicated front man for live duties. The hours of studio work have resulted in the band sounding more confident and fully realised, reaching and finding a sound that was perhaps unattainable 5 years prior. However, lurking behind the ... mehr lesen