• 1.1. vallées closes
  • 1.2. lament
  • 1.3. feu pâle (feat. matt elliott)
  • 1.4. the beguiled (feat. matt elliott)
  • 1.5. a forest of lines
  • 1.6. following strangers (feat. matt elliott)
  • 1.7. des nuits
  • 1.8. the passing (feat. matt elliott)
17. Februar 2017
Genre: Indie

les marquises

a night full of collapses

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Über diesen Artikel

Following the 2014 release of Pensée Magique, Jean-Sébastien Nouveau celebrates the return of his multi-faceted project Les Marquises with the release of A Night Full Of Collapses on February 3rd. As usual, Jean-Sébastien Nouveau has surrounded himself with many musicians. Among others, the cast includes Matt Elliott (The Third Eye Foundation), Agathe Max (Farewell Poetry), Olivier Mellano, Christian Quermalet (The Married Monk) and Jeff Hallam (Dominique A). The result is hybrid and mysterious and gives pride of place to nocturnal and sometimes abstract atmospheres like those in the films of David Lynch and the compositions of Angelo Badalamenti, Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, Psychic TV and Tarwater.