you are alone / higher than merry

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Eli Moore and Ashley Eriksson's radiant songwriting chemistry is on display on both sides of the new 7" single by LAKE. Recorded by Tucker Martine like before "Oh, The Places We'll Go" [KLP196] and Let's Build a Roof" [KLP213], this single represents the _uidity of sounds that LAKE operates with: both songs are hopeful in different ways - "You Are Alone" (featuring Moore's sympathetic voice and calm keys) is a hand on your shoulder, and "Higher Than Merry" (featuring Eriksson's contagious glee and a kaleidoscope of percussions, horns, and animal sounds) is a hand that pulls you into a Technicolor dream. Known to change tempos and styles on an album, LAKE throws a sharp curveball for this edition of K's International Pop Underground series of 7" ... mehr lesen