• 1.1. intro
  • 1.2. one small step
  • 1.3. roger miller
  • 1.4. within/without
  • 1.5. the stars
  • 1.6. stumble around
  • 1.7. giving & receiving
  • 1.8. mother nature's promise
  • 1.9. skeleton costume
  • 1.10. bird and the berry
  • 1.11. interlude
  • 1.12. pilgrim's day
  • 1.13. efforts
  • 1.14. distant stars


giving and receiving

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On LAKE's newest full-length album, Giving and Receiving [KLP228], the sense that the world was at a serious state of unrest during its inception is haunting. The album was put together during the time when the Gulf oil spill was bumming everyone out, and this did a great deal to seep into the songs themselves, such as on the album's title track with the lyrics: "there used to be fish in the ocean baby...." But that's not to say that the album is depressing, it actually soars with beautiful melodies and gentle, yet deliberate instrumentation. Written partially while staying at a little cabin in Northern Sweden, which band member Ashley says is the only place she's ever truly heard silence, songs like "Skeleton Costume," and "Pilgrim's Day" were born ... mehr lesen