• 1.1. a worm that would not die
  • 1.2. two monkeys
  • 1.3. so i pump a line
  • 1.4. say hello
  • 1.5. swinging depression
  • 1.6. if you got a dirty blues
  • 1.7. mandoline song
  • 1.8. norm 330
  • 1.9. do you wanna get high
  • 1.10. bulgarian blues
  • 1.11. how so low
  • 1.12. head on
04. Mai 2012
Genre: Garage

lady jane

in pieno

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Über diesen Artikel

Lady Jane is a French band based in Rennes city, Brittany. "In Pieno!" is their second album through Beast Records and their music is still a kind of weird dirty psychedelic blues rock lost somewhere between the early Rolling Stones and the Gun Club. This album is rawest than their first release "The Youngest Was The Least Loved" and is still something like a fuzzy throbbing vicious psychedelic rock'n'roll blues. http://www.myspace.com/ladyjanetheband