• 1.1. a
  • 1.2. b
  • 1.3. c
  • 1.4. d
  • 1.5. e
  • 1.6. g
  • 1.7. a depature
  • 1.8. for mayor in splitsville
  • 1.9. woman (in mirror)
  • 1.10. st paul missionary baptist church blues
  • 1.11. a broken jar
  • 1.12. objects in space12

la dispute

tiny dots

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180g heavy weight black. Die Musik zum Dokumentarfilm über die Post-Hardcore Legende, u.a. mit Live-Aufnahmen, die über die Jahre entstanden sind. Brand new release from the Michigan based quintet. Following their highly successful 2014 album, Rooms Of the House, they last year released the Tiny Dots DVD, detailing the bands rise, featuring interviews with the members, their friends, and live footage from around the world. This new release is made up of 6 selections from the Tiny Dots original score, as well as 6 tracks recorded live at a seated peformance in Kingston from 2014.