• 1.1. words from robin to batman
  • 1.2. gunslinger
  • 1.3. the drought
  • 1.4. the bends
  • 1.5. i wonder if she's thinking of me
  • 1.6. the nets
  • 1.7. cool my desire
  • 1.8. lucy-on-all-fours
09. August 2019

kill devil hills, the

paist and future ghosts

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Über diesen Artikel

The Kill Devil Hills is a multi-award-winning West Australian 5-piece rock band formed in 2003. The diverse textures of the band's sound ranges from mournful heart-heavy ballads to screeching, visceral jungle punk. "Past and Future Ghosts" was recorded live in March 2013 at the Fremantle Arts Centre. The album contained songs from their first three albums "Heathen Songs", "The Drought" and "Man, You Should Explode".