• 1.1. o' caledonia
  • 1.2. steal the keys (1996 tears)
  • 1.3. johnny, have you come lately?
  • 1.4. a matter of time
  • 1.5. you make me physically sick (let's start having children)
  • 1.6. i only smoke when i drink
  • 1.7. no longer young enough
  • 1.8. someone else that you like more than me
  • 1.9. read in public places
  • 1.10. big blue moon
  • 1.11. biblically speaking
  • 1.12. sleeperbloke

just joans, the

you might be smiling now...

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180g vinyl with download code. Cult Scottish miserabilists The Just Joans are delighted to be releasing their first new album in more than a decade, following the band's signing to Fika Recordings. Formed in Glasgow in 2005, The Just Joans have evolved from a shambling two-piece to an accomplished sextet that embraces rivalry and relationship in the vocals of siblings, David and Katie Pope. Once described as he missing link between The Magnetic Fields and The Proclaimers', the band have used self-awareness and self-deprecation to continuously explore themes of angst, heartbreak and detachment in their songs. From their 2006 debut album Last Tango in Motherwell through a series of successful EPs, to 2012's compilation Buckfast Bottles In The Rain, the ... mehr lesen