• 1.1. altgeld blues
  • 1.2. child cried
  • 1.3. either you or me
  • 1.4. umbrella
  • 1.5. potato nurse
  • 1.6. letter better
  • 1.7. letterbox
  • 1.8. lollipop girl
  • 1.9. song x
  • 1.10. right with the lord 1
  • 1.11. wenda dody
  • 1.12. i know who you are
  • 1.13. tennessee
  • 1.14. raspberry daiquiri day
  • 1.15. tell me now
  • 1.16. right with the lord 2
  • 1.17. sick
25. März 2011
Label: ST.IVES
Genre: Indie

jorma & movie bare

lollipop gold

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Über diesen Artikel

www.myspace.com/moviebare Winter death brings us future life, and thus sprang forth Lollipop Gold. Recorded on 8-track, 1-inch tape in a warehouse in Indianapolis, just a few months after the scheduled producer passed away in the studio, this record was made with lonely grit and a determination to do something unusual for that beloved lost friend and for the band itself in the middle of a cold Midwestern winter. Like multiple transmissions of alien radio channeled through a dysfunctional family band, the 17 songs on Lollipop Gold are as strange a mix as you can find nowadays coming from one body. Formed from the bellybutton of Marmoset songsmith Jorma Whittaker with a little help fromfriends, this cauldron of material was brought into light with a ... mehr lesen