• 1.1. black diamond express train to hell [part one]
  • 1.2. chicago breakdown
  • 1.3. factory dog
  • 1.4. cat squirrel
  • 1.5. she ain't comin home
  • 1.6. drive you faster
  • 1.7. honest i do
  • 1.8. i wish you would
  • 1.9. tiger man
  • 1.10. i'm a lover not a fighter
  • 1.11. killing floor
  • 1.12. black diamond express train to hell [part two]
06. Januar 2006
Genre: Garage

john schooley and his one man band

one man band


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Über diesen Artikel

JOHN SCHOOLEY from Austin Texas, the driving force behind the hard feelings (Sympathy, Dropkick) and legendary Revelators (Crypt) comes around with his ONE MAN BAND !!! he is the blues trash man of the new century, plays all instruments the same time, Kick Snare, Hi Hat, Juce Harp , Guitar and Sings. One year ago voodoo rhythm released a 4 song vinyl single 'drive you faster' had fantastic air play and the Trash Blues Man sheared Fan base around him, this time we put out a full Length Album... don't be Scared, it's not only one song (like most of other one man band) that repeats over and over.. it's a fantastic view in the work and music of JOHN SCHOOLEY, definitely inspired by old Blues music such as Elmore James or Robert Johnson does Schooley ... mehr lesen