• 1.1. thinking, that's all
  • 1.2. rockstar
  • 1.3. claire
  • 1.4. call in it the air
  • 1.5. seventeen
  • 1.6. episode iv
  • 1.7. digits
  • 2.1. caveman
  • 2.2. world is static
  • 2.3. in the same room
  • 2.4. robot factory
  • 2.5. anderson mesa
  • 2.6. 77 satellites
  • 2.7. what would i say to you now

jimmy eat world

static prevails

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180G double LP audiophile pressing, exclusive Lavender color discs, high gloss gatefold jacket with 11x11 Insert. Giving Jimmy Eat World's Static Prevails the full SRCHIFI treatment includes audiophile-level pressing and premium packaging, providing fans with a genuine experience. Pressed as a 180 gram double vinyl at Pallas in Germany, the original album was cut from analogue masters at 96 kHz/24-bit and cut to 33 1/3 RPM by Kevin Gray. Tracks, Seventeen and Digits, began as 44 kHz/16-bit recordings. The album includes two vinyl bonus tracks, 77 Satellites and What Would I Say to You Now. Static Prevails art will feature the original CD artwork and will be displayed to its full capacity throughout a high gloss gatefold jacket accompanied by an 11 x ... mehr lesen