• 1.1. cheapskate tricks for worn down people
  • 1.2. beat generation, ha!
  • 1.3. cortez & columbus
  • 1.4. my radio heart
  • 1.5. walls of derry
  • 1.6. broken by people
  • 1.7. the lightning bird blinded by moonfire
  • 1.8. man with a movie camera trapped inside his head
  • 1.9. the trees fill with screaming birds
  • 1.10. magnetic sea
09. August 2013

jetplane landing

don't try

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Über diesen Artikel

"Leaves you gasping for breath and rushing to join the cause. Brilliant. 4/5." - Kerrang! "They remain one of the most influential bands Northern Ireland has produced in the past 10 years." - The Daily Mirror. "Don't Try" is the fourth studio album from cult Irish, Post-Hardcore quartet JETPLANE LANDING. A monster of an album, JPL are back in action with a full-force assault of our sound systems. Pure JETPLANE LANDING start to finish, riff after riff after riff! For Fans Of: AT THE DRIVE-IN, FUGAZI, HELMET and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE.