• 1.1. oscuro
  • 1.2. just because
  • 1.3. beautiful girl
  • 1.4. love you joe
  • 1.5. temptation
  • 1.6. guilty
  • 1.7. argento
  • 1.8. only in heaven
  • 1.9. do you hear me now
  • 1.10. you know why
  • 1.11. more than ever
  • 1.12. swine herd
  • 1.13. spectrum
  • 1.14. what in the world
  • 1.15. my inner self
  • 1.16. where are you
  • 1.17. theme
13. Dezember 2019

jennifer gentle

jennifer gentle


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Jennifer Gentle are one of the most idiosyncratic Italian bands ever. Led by singer, guitarist and sometimes only member Marco Fasolo, they started as slightly stoned-out-of-their-minds teens equally able to manage short psych pop explosions and 20-minute brain melting freakouts. They recorded a couple of self-released albums that raised some interest abroad and became the first Italian band to sign to Sub Pop, releasing two critically acclaimed albums in quick succession: 2005's Valende followed in 2007 by the much darker and convoluted The Midnight Room (described in a Mojo review as "Syd Barrett lost in a 20's Berlin cabaret"). With US and UK tours under their belt and their music on Rough Trade and Mojo compilations, Jennifer Gentle went on to ... mehr lesen