• 1.1. animals
  • 1.2. shame about you
  • 1.3. last of the gentlemen adventurers
  • 1.4. tombé dans les pommes
  • 1.5. count me out
  • 1.6. all the saints
  • 1.7. mercy
  • 1.8. black raoul
  • 1.9. shakey
  • 1.10. solar core
  • 1.11. saints prayer

jazz butcher, the

last of the gentlemen adventurers


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Led by Oxford philosophy graduate Pat Fish (the Jazz Butcher himself) and featuring a dazzling array of co-conspirators (including David Jay of Love And Rockets fame), The Jazz Butcher is one of the longest running and most cult pop bands in Britain, having recorded some 15 albums since its founding in 1982. February 2016 sees the re-release of 'Last Of The Gentlemen Adventurers', a record initially self-released as a result of a successful Pledge Music campaign to mark the 30th anniversary of The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy. Originally limited to just 1000 copies which quickly sold out, Fire Records will be releasing the album worldwide for the first time to coincide with a run of tour dates to be announced. "Last of the Gentleman Adventurers is a ... mehr lesen