• 1.1. lust for love
  • 1.2. breaking up
  • 1.3. politics of sound
  • 1.4. masks
  • 1.5. for germans
  • 1.6. quiet room
  • 1.7. anxiety reaction
  • 1.8. educated man
  • 1.9. travel
  • 1.10. grapevine

images in vogue

incipience 4: live at luvafair october 6th, 1982

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Über diesen Artikel

Recorded live in 1982 on October 6th, this is a wonderful and unreleased recording of Images in Vogue's 12th live performance. The concert was the premiere performance of the band's massive hit, Lust For Love, as well as the live debut of then-new member Glen Nelson (e, Mobile Clones, The Glen and Joe Show). Live personnel include Joe Vizvary, Gary Blair Smith, Dale Martindale, Don Gordon (Numb), and Cevin Key (Skinny Puppy). Mastered for vinyl, another Canadian gem from Artoffact Records!