• 1.1. bees around the lime tree
  • 1.2. memory gore
  • 1.3. confession bay
  • 1.4. it's a low
  • 1.5. (decompression)
  • 1.6. carcass
  • 1.7. the golden bough
  • 1.8. palm hex / arndale chins
  • 1.9. babes of the plague
  • 1.10. four bibles

hey colossus

four bibles

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Über diesen Artikel

Hey Colossus are one of Europe's great live bands. Since 2003 the 6-piece has been driving around the continent with their "pirate ship" backline of broken amps and triple-guitar drang, elevating audiences in every type of venue imaginable; a doctor's waiting room in Salford, an industrial unit in Liege and a vast field next to a river in Portugal. Four Bibles is their twelfth studio album and the first to be released by London label Alter. Recorded by Ben Turner at Space Wolf Studios in Somerset, it's their most direct album yet and follows a well-documented trajectory of evolution that began (in the truest sense) with 2011's RRR for Riot Season and continued across three albums for Rocket Recordings. Lead vocalist Paul Sykes sounds more in focus ... mehr lesen