• 1.1. moss giant
  • 1.2. a blood promise
  • 1.3. pour more oil
  • 1.4. condor and river
  • 1.5. long grass
  • 1.6. homecoming
  • 1.7. thief
  • 1.8. the union part one - i worship a golden sun
  • 1.9. the union part two - recidivist
  • 1.10. the union part three - into the west
29. Juni 2018
Genre: Postrock

her name is calla

the quiet lamb

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Über diesen Artikel

"Reissue of the second Her Name Is Calla album called ""Quiet Lamb"" from 2010. The album sees the band fully immersed into their song writing, making clear steps forward from their highly acclaimed previous album 'The Heritage'. Described as ""one of the UK's most forward thinking bands"", Her Name Is Calla are known for their impressive live shows full of emotion, explosions of noise and passages of the quietest, most gentle harmonies. Based around as core unit of five members, the band wields a multitude of instruments, from drums and guitar to recorders and synthesis, from violin and trombone to vocals and harmonica. The resulting sound is dense but controlled. 'The Quiet Lamb' is the result of years of planning and one years recording and ... mehr lesen