• 1.1. bleak and beautiful (all things)
  • 1.2. you dance a particular algorithm
  • 1.3. hearts not parts
  • 1.4. divided by surfaces and silence
  • 1.5. doing better
  • 1.6. things were happening and they were
  • 1.7. becauselessness
  • 1.8. skip to the end
  • 1.9. the no-colour of rain and dust
  • 1.10. foreign pollen
07. August 2015
Genre: Postrock

haiku salut

etch and etch deep

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Über diesen Artikel

Second album by acclaimed Derbyshire trio who make gorgeous instrumental music that's part folk, part electronica, and part classical. "If Sigur Ros shared a cottage in Dovedale, they might just sound as magical as this," said Uncut. We see techno and minimalist beats coalesce with trad folk melodies; pastoral pop pirouette with carnival-noir accordions, tinkling glocks and ambient synths. It's vivid instrumental post-folk that isn't afraid to tear up the rulebook and begin fresh." The rest of the album furthers this theme, melting the folk, classical and electronic influences that illuminated their debut to create a sound that's both inventive and inquisitive, at times more boldly pop, at others startlingly impressionistic.