• 1.1. port of souls
  • 1.2. araby
  • 1.3. lupita screams
  • 1.4. funky junkie (yellow eyes)
  • 1.5. hearts
  • 1.6. bill bailey
  • 1.7. sleepy time blues (nobody's city)
  • 1.8. my cousin kim
  • 1.9. thunderhead
  • 1.10. breaking hands
  • 1.11. crab dance
  • 1.12. country one [previously unreleased]
27. November 2015
Label: BANG!
Genre: Indie

gun club

mother berlin

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Über diesen Artikel

Deluxe vinyl gatefold edition including lyrics. Yes!!! It exists!!!! "Mother Juno" was the 2nd recording. Here is the original album!!!! Much louder, raw, aggressive and intense than "Mother Juno", here are the original recordings finally reunified and mastered for you to know how it really was supposed to be! Different recordings and even one previously unreleased track! THE GUN CLUB with leader Jeffrey Lee Pierce and Kid Congo Powers on guitar (The Cramps, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, The Butcher Shop) recorded this awesome album in Berlin in 1987 and finally it is exposed as it was really sounding. A total must!