• 1.1. ride your horse [p.e. remix]
  • 1.2. inner reaches iii [zaliva-d remix]
  • 1.3. notes underground [mong tong remix]
  • 1.4. moonshadows [simon frank remix]
  • 1.5. the last note [angel wei remix]
  • 1.6. sound of love [knopha remix]
  • 1.7. gong gong gong blues [howie lee remix]
  • 1.8. some kind of demon [yu su remix]
  • 1.9. hotpot (chongqing) [scattered purgatory remix]
  • 1.10. wei wei wei [wu zhuoling remix]

gong gong gong

phantom rhythm remixed -ltd. colored vinyl-


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[POR] On Gong Gong Gong's raucous debut, Phantom Rhythm, the minimalist Beijing duo created a drummer-less sound that was more than the sum of its parts, inspired by back-porch blues, Sahelian guitar music, New York no-wave, Cantonese lion dance percussion, and, seemingly most incongruously, techno. With Phantom Rhythm Remixed, Gong Gong Gong bring to life a concept they've planned since the release of their acclaimed first album, curating their favorite China-connected electronic music producers to remix Phantom Rhythm in its entirety. The globe-spanning collaboration features Yu Su (Vancouver/Kaifeng), Zaliva-D, Simon Frank, Howie Lee (Beijing), Mong Tong, Scattered Purgatory (Taipei), Knopha (Xiamen), Wu Zhuoling (Chengdu), Angel Wei (Copenhagen), ... mehr lesen