• 1.1. fingerpops
  • 1.2. classically diseased
  • 1.3. beelines to heaven
  • 1.4. come back
  • 1.5. nude star
  • 1.6. fire away
  • 1.7. tired and bored
  • 1.8. i'm looking for what i can't get
  • 1.9. never gonna come around here again
  • 1.10. return to you
  • 1.11. jesus i'm freezing
  • 1.12. underground nonsense
  • 1.13. struck
  • 1.14. what will you do
  • 1.15. fay ray
  • 1.16. pop cigar
  • 1.17. bus stops
  • 1.18. something got a hold
  • 1.19. the floribunda impetigo experience
  • 1.20. cherry cola vodka (hold the ice)
  • 1.21. feel alright
  • 1.22. one shot
21. Juli 2017
Genre: Indie


last exit to garageland

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Über diesen Artikel

Auckland New Zealand's Garageland made a big splash with their debut record Come Back Special in August 1995. The BFM favourites came out with five fresh pop songs that suggested a new wave of musicians were clutching the classic Flying Nun catalogue for inspiration and taking off to the garage to jam. With their guitars turned up to warm reverb and tossing off words not just with the lazy abandon so favoured by the modern American underground but in the way that great NZ bands have always mumbled their way through a catchy tune, Garageland were mining a rich musical vein. In order of appearance, these songs also suggest that (1) the line "come back, all is forgiven" is something worth shouting at the rooftops if you truly believe a former loved one ... mehr lesen