• 1.1. written in stone
  • 1.2. i can't hear you
  • 1.3. understand
  • 1.4. make them believe
  • 1.5. hey
  • 1.6. i'm gettin' away
  • 1.7. out to sea
  • 1.8. open your eyes
  • 1.9. today's too soon
  • 1.10. it's all the same
  • 1.11. tunnel vision
  • 1.12. i wanna be

fu manchu

start the machine (ltd col. lp + flexi)


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Über diesen Artikel

First ever vinyl pressing of FU MANCHU's Start The Machine from 2004! Limited (3000), coloured (neon green/black-splattered), in gatefold sleeve, with one-song-bonus-picture-flexi. Start The Machine, was originally released in 2004. Until now, it is the only album from the legendary band that has never been issued on vinyl. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of this classic, At The Dojo Records will remedy that with a newly remastered debut vinyl release. Also included is a bonus picture flexi 7" of "Written In Stone" performed live at Roadburn Festival 2003, one year prior to the song's studio version release on this album. This 3000 unit run is pressed on neon green/black splatter vinyl and the gatefold package design includes never before seen ... mehr lesen