• 1.1. rips me up
  • 1.2. the bottom of it
  • 1.3. cazadera
  • 1.4. humbug mountain song
  • 1.5. absolute loser
  • 1.6. the rock doc
  • 1.7. you're too weird
  • 1.8. flamingo
  • 1.9. born in the 0s (live in portland)
  • 1.10. when u love somebody (live at spacebomb)
  • 1.11. glass in your feet
  • 2.1. without any airs
  • 2.2. barely living room (demo)
  • 2.3. baby bluebird (waltz demo)
  • 2.4. hot dogs
  • 2.5. wacs
  • 2.6. when the stars are out
  • 2.7. aces
  • 2.8. the joker
  • 2.9. feather bed (demo)
  • 2.10. goodnight sun & hello moon
  • 2.11. rainbow sign (4-track demo)
  • 2.12. the old black hole (4-track demo)

fruit bats

sometimes a cloud is just a cloud


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2LP is pink & violet vinyl pressed to Side A / Side B effect in a gatefold jacket. Eric D. Johnson, the creative force behind Fruit Bats, doesn't spend a lot of time looking in the rearview mirror. "Maybe it speaks to some Midwest thing," he says. "Don't be overly reflective or navel-gazing. And as a songwriter, you always want to be looking forward, not backward." But with the 20th anniversary of his first Fruit Bats release (2001's Echolocation) on his mind, it seemed as good a time as any to take stock of his work_and he's doing so in the form of Sometimes a Cloud Is Just a Cloud: Slow Growers, Sleeper Hits and Lost Songs (2001-2021), a two-disc collection that tracks the history of Fruit Bats from its earliest days to right now. Thoughtfully ... mehr lesen