• 1.1. tiny pieces
  • 1.2. where did you go
  • 1.3. strange mind
  • 1.4. i'm a mess
  • 1.5. uncle jack's truck
  • 1.6. sylvia
  • 1.7. there's no turning back now
  • 1.8. la tumba
  • 1.9. space bar
  • 1.10. fast forward
  • 1.11. ivana
  • 1.12. blue shoes
  • 1.13. blow time away
25. November 2016
Genre: Rock

freeks, the

shattered (limited edition)


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Über diesen Artikel

Featuring ex-members of Fu Manchu and Nebula. Everything has a beginning, whether it by accident or by design. A journey consists of trials and errors until finally reaching a full circle.ever evolving, revolving over and over again. Set in constant motion, the gathering of speed reaching ultimate vibrations until it's all "SHATTERED!" This can also be said in regards to Los Angeles, CA based quintet "The FREEKS" as they return from yet another complete orbit with their third full length LP, "SHATTERED". What started as an accident, brought on a thought, which then began a project that grew into a solidified unit of sonic purification! The FREEKS, led by Ruben Romano, have consistently moved upward since their conception in 2007 and have gracefully ... mehr lesen