• 1.1. music and dreams
  • 1.2. ginger
  • 1.3. biding my time
  • 1.4. april suzanne
  • 1.5. weeping willow tree
  • 1.6. my stoveâ?s on fire
  • 1.7. spanish lady
  • 1.8. brown eyed lady with blonde hair
  • 1.9. a new way
  • 1.10. show me to the window
  • 1.11. jericho
  • 1.12. please donâ?t forget me

folsom, robert lester

music and dreams

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Über diesen Artikel

Re-Release des 1976er Psychedelic-Soft-Rock-Schätzchens. Music And Dreams is a shimmering, unbuttoned-collar collection of songs by south Georgia's Robert Lester Folsom. Originally released on private press in 1976, there's a professionally rendered and vaguely psychedelic quality to these songs that belies its rarefied, limited original release. Music And Dreams spans breezy soft rock ("Biding My Time", "My Stove's On Fire"), and gorgeous sunset ballads such as "Brown Eyed Lady With Blonde Hair".