• 1.1. young
  • 1.2. forget the fall
  • 1.3. drag me down
  • 1.4. worn out shoes
  • 1.5. lonely
  • 1.6. joanna
  • 1.7. if i tell you
  • 1.8. comfort
  • 1.9. i love you
  • 1.10. all over again
  • 1.11. anna
  • 1.12. be with you
  • 1.13. plastic jane
  • 1.14. stuck
19. September 2014
Genre: Indie


do what you want to, its what you should do

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Heavyweight Vinyl LP with free download. Produced by Bernard Butler, London trio Flowers's debut album captures the intensity of being young in 14 deceptively simple pop songs that take their power from their brevity, elevated by Rachel Kenedy's extraordinary voice. They have toured Europe with The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and supported Young Marble Giants . Appropriate first supports, as Flowers' live performances draw a line between the joyous fuzzpop of The Pains and the minimalist brilliance of YMGs. And so it was that Flowers' very first foray into a proper recording studio was at Bernard Butler's 355 Studio - a daunting prospect for a young band, softened by Butler's sensitive production and access to his collection of beautiful analogue ... mehr lesen