• 1.1. crawling
  • 1.2. a wolf hides
  • 1.3. fall for something
  • 1.4. hang it on a line
  • 1.5. satisfied
  • 1.6. peel away
  • 1.7. come get it
  • 1.8. mountain
  • 1.9. control
  • 1.10. slow it down
  • 1.11. guts
24. Mai 2019

floors, the

come unstuck

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Über diesen Artikel

The Floors rank among the best live performers Perth has produced in a decade. Having cemented their place as song-writers with their cracking debut album, Dead Beat, the trio have produced a sound so smoke-inducing The Music called them "near flawless" surely a reference to the sheer blackness of their blues. But it is not just this sonic bombardment that gives The Floors their power. For all of the volume and fuzz, The Floors are merely amplifying the original and most primal spirit of the blues. Something akin to the heart of a classic Delta bluesman residing in an electrified world where amplifiers go to 11. The Floors are the Dux brothers - who play not only with The Floors but also with Kill Devil Hills, Timothy Nelson And The Infidels and Will ... mehr lesen