• 1.1. with my heart
  • 1.2. runaround
  • 1.3. let you know
  • 1.4. tightrope
  • 1.5. which way to go
  • 1.6. took it all
  • 1.7. switch me on
  • 1.8. on and on
  • 1.9. back to you
  • 1.10. stay here
  • 1.11. corner of my mind
  • 1.12. final say
  • 1.13. in the morning
20. Februar 2015

fireworks, the

switch me on

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Über diesen Artikel

- LIMITED EDITION OF 400 VINYL VERSION on WHITE VINYL comes with download. After two brilliant 7" singles, the sold out Fireworks EP and nearly sold out Runaround, and one flexi featuring the cover of Girls At Our Best! "Getting Nowhere Fast", the band are ready to unleash their debut album Switch Me On to the world. Needless to say, those who have been waiting patiently will be rewarded. Recorded at Soup Studios by David Holmes and Simon Trought (Allo Darlin, Comet Gain), the album continues right where the band left off: more chainsaw fuzz-drenched feedback, more guitar pop hooks, more reverb-soaked Matthew and Emma vocals, and more jumping off your f**king seats! The LP also shows the versatility in sound of the band, when the distortion pedals ... mehr lesen