• 1.1. antitaxi
  • 1.2. amour dans le motu
  • 1.3. packshot
  • 1.4. la femme
  • 1.5. hypsoline
  • 1.6. saisis la corde
  • 1.7. le blues de francoise
  • 1.8. t's time to wake up 2023
  • 1.9. nous tions deux
  • 1.10. la femme ressort
  • 1.11. si un jour
  • 1.12. from tchernobyl with love
  • 1.13. sur la planche 2013
  • 1.14. welcome america
19. April 2013
Genre: Indie

femme, la

psycho tropical berlin


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Über diesen Artikel

La femme is a conundrum. A resounding expression. An episodic band with various faces. La Femme shows up and it's all of her grimy spleen that stains the cityOs grey pavement, in a synthetic rain beamed by livid burstings. La femme was born during the X years in Biarritz, when Sasha and Marlon started composing on their guitars music they recorded on Garage Band. Together they ride surfboards, pianos and synthetiseur as they gave a try to various styles, from 60s yZyZ French pop to Californian surf music. Marlon moved to Paris, and there he met Sam, who played bass. Together they formed SOS Mademoiselle along with Olivier Peynot, and played vintage French rock, as Sasha was practising his scales in reverb feed surf band Ç Les redoutables! E After ... mehr lesen