• 1.1. pleasure bent
  • 1.2. drinkin' mode
  • 1.3. light yourself on fire
  • 1.4. died in california
  • 1.5. heavenly hears
  • 1.6. ton o luv
  • 1.7. pig hat smokin'
  • 1.8. superfrown
  • 1.9. iron chef
  • 1.10. sunshine enema
  • 1.11. party pig
  • 1.12. stranglers blues
  • 1.13. mountains of debt
29. Oktober 2021
Genre: Stonerrock

fatso jetson

cruel & delicious - splatter


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Über diesen Artikel

Clear Orange Vinyl w/ bone splatter. Limited edition of 300. Linernotes written by Josh Homme. Originally released on CD in 2001 on Josh Hommes own Rekords Rekords-label and now on vinyl for the first time! 20th anniversary! Remastered for the vinyl release. There must be something in the sand of sweltering Palm Desert, a California town that has birthed Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age, as well as Fatso Jetson. Like Kyuss/QOTSA, Fatso Jetson built a name for themselves by putting their own unique spin on the Sabbath sound, but unlike their counterparts, larger than life singer/guitarist Mario Lalli's true love lies in both jazz (Thelonious Monk, Eric Dolphy) and experimental rock (Frank Zappa, Devo). On paper, this conglomeration of different ... mehr lesen