• 1.1. a song for our faterhs
  • 1.2. snow and lights
  • 1.3. magic hours
  • 1.4. look into the air
  • 2.1. glittering blackness
  • 2.2. time stops
  • 2.3. remember me as a time of day

explosions in the sky

how strange, innocence (anniversary edition)

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Über diesen Artikel

How Strange, Innocence - Anniversary Edition has been beautifully remastered by Heba Kadry - with vinyl lacquers cut by Bob Weston - and packaged in an incredible full-color, heavyweight triple-gatefold jacket with matte varnish, heavyweight full-color insert, and custom vinyl etching containing the charming story of How Strange, Innocence in the band's own words. This is the definitive sound, look, and feel of the album that started one of the most inspiring and unique careers in modern underground music.