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how thick you think / that's not a virus

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Two blinking new tracks by The Ex: direct, urgent, willful and joyfully obstinate. Recorded in the rehearsalroom, in three hours and mixed in two: fat-free and no words wasted. "How Thick You Think" is inspired by the short film "Neighbours" (Norman McLaren, 1952). The story is a parable about two people who come to blows over the possession of a flower. The sentence "I think food with music means peace" comes from a painting by Lucebert."That's Not A Virus" builds on a typical Ex beat: a melodic and unique rhythm, freshly pulled out of the Dutch clay, sounding as if it already exists for two thousand years. The lyrics work like a crack in the wall through which you look at the space between people; what people reveal of themselves, show to eachother ... mehr lesen