• 1.1. miracle
  • 1.2. intro
  • 1.3. the conversation
  • 1.4. dionysus burning
  • 1.5. the watermark high
  • 1.6. every train that passes
  • 1.7. suitcase and atoms
  • 1.8. second story skyscraper
  • 1.9. alchemy as a rhythm
  • 1.10. ten cent inquiry
  • 1.11. safety pin explanation
04. September 2015
Genre: Indie


us songs

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- Includes digital download - Pressed on dark opaque red vinyl The birth of ELLIOTT was in the fall of '95 when guitarist Jay Palumbo left the band EMPATHY, moved to Louisville, and joined up with Chris Higdon (vox/guitar) and Jonathan Mobley (bass). Higdon and Mobley had recently ended an accomplished run with the highly acclaimed band FALLING FORWARD and had been playing music together off and on since childhood. With the intention of sounding unlike any of their previous hardcore bands, a new sound emerged and developed into one that was very much their own: an extremely textured combination of melodic hardcore, rock, and emo. In the fall of '96 they enlisted drummer Kevin Ratterman and the true focus of ELLIOTT began. ELLIOTT's debut full-length, ... mehr lesen