• 1.1. waiting while under paralysis
  • 1.2. as arson
  • 1.3. the watermark high
  • 1.4. halfway pretty
  • 1.5. calvary song
  • 1.6. fan and the bellows
  • 1.7. orphalese
  • 1.8. lost instrumental
20. April 2013
Label: SIMBA


songs in a transit wind

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Beautifully packaged in a two-color silk screen LP jacket limited press of 700 on Clear Vinyl ELLIOTT was a band from Lousiville, Kentucky, that released four albums and several 7"s in their eight-year existence. This LP is a collection of their debut 7", In Transit, released in 1997 on Initial Records, along with their pair of 7"s recorded in between their first two albums (U.S. Songs and False Cathedrals). These two records, If They Do 7" (Initial Records) and Will You (Revelation Records) have long since been out of print. Rounding out this collection of eight songs are two instrumental tracks that were recorded during this period. One was previously on the CDEP version of the If They Do release while the other, "Orphalese", has never been ... mehr lesen