• 1.1. the bringer
  • 1.2. running sheep
  • 1.3. hammer song
  • 1.4. sakura
  • 1.5. muskeg parade
  • 1.6. the living light
  • 1.7. the procession
  • 1.8. temple daughter
  • 1.9. the ocean
22. Mai 2009
Genre: Indie

elfin saddle

ringing for the begin again

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Über diesen Artikel

180g Vinyl! Elfin Saddle is the musical project co-founded by Emi Honda and Jordan McKenzie. Partners in life and in art, Emi and Jordan have been building a wonderful body of visual, installation and video art that combines organic living materials with found and scavenged objects to create enchanted environments of growth, slow transformation and gradual decay. Miniature examples of this work can be seen on the album cover art for this, their second record, and first for Constellation.