25. März 2016
Genre: Stonerrock


endless flight

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Über diesen Artikel

In case you were still questioning it, North Dakota's stoner warriors EGYPT work at the own, selected pace and basically don't give a flying duck about the rest. Hey, remember we're talking of a band that suddenly gained notoriety a couple of years after their initial split thanks to the posthumous release of their sole demo through the mighty METEORCITY imprint back in 2009. But such was the power and richness of "Valley of the Kings" or "Dirty Witch" that this trio eventually reunited, with a new six stringer in tow, and vowed to show the rest of the world how to do it. And indeed, both their epic debut full-length ('Become the Sun') and split with like-minded space rockers WO FAT ("'Cyclopean Riffs') proved that they hadn't lost their freakin' ... mehr lesen